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No matter what kind of building you own, if you need inspection services, we will be able to help you. We are Tri-County Building Inspection Co., and we are one of the most well-established and experienced building inspection companies in Dade County, FL. For decades now, property owners have turned to us to assess the value and condition of their homes and businesses. We have worked with all kinds of clients and have inspected every type of building you could think of.

When you are in need of inspection services, you are going to want to work with a certified and professional company. Your inspection will mean nothing unless you hire the top professionals in the field. Here at Tri-County Building Inspection Co., we pride ourselves on doing the most thorough and concise building inspection work in the area. Whether you need a general inspection to determine the value of your property, or need us to check for something specific, count on us to give you the straight facts.

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In addition to our keen eye for detail, we use all the latest detection equipment and technology to assist us. No one gives you the entire picture like we do. The best part about our building inspection services is that they come at an affordable price. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you can trust that we offer some of the most competitive prices for professional building inspection in the region. Let us allay your concerns and apprehensions about your building or a potential home today!

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The purpose of a 4 Point Insurance Inspection is to disclose to insurance companies any upgrades or certain conditions of four critical systems in order to mitigate problems in older homes.



using our services is the best way to ensure that the price for the home you are about to buy, is fair.

4 point insurance inspection & wind mitigation surveys

The purpose of this inspection is to describe the methods of marine construction and the materials used, to include type of seawall, bulkhead or panel material, visible reinforcements, pillings, docks, decks and more.


Home inspections are our specialty here at Tri-County Building Inspection Co.  We have been doing home inspections for longer than any other building inspection firm in the area.


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