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The purpose of a 4 Point Insurance Inspection is to disclose to insurance companies any upgrades or certain conditions of four critical systems in order to mitigate problems in older homes.

• Electrical System: We check the main panel to make sure there is no hazards present and the wiring type is up to code and that electrical system is in good working order here at Tri-County Building Inspections Co.

• HVAC System: The quality of the air you breathe inside your building and the effectiveness of your HVAC system can have serious implications on the value of your property. We help you maintain its value with detailed HVAC inspections.

• Plumbing System: Safe and secure plumbing is vital to any property. We check the condition of pipes, drains, septic tanks, sewer lines, and more.

• Roofing System: We check for the age of the roof, the remaining useful life of the roof, and Date of last roofing inspection We also check for any visible signs of damage or deterioration in the covering material.

The purpose of a Wind Mitigation Survey is to confirm that certain features in homes comply with HB 7057 Wind Mitigation Law Florida statute #553 in order to receive insurance credits.

• Building Code: To what building code was structure built in compliance with?
• Roof Covering: What type of roof covering used and age of original or replacement?
• Roof Deck Attachment: What is the weakest form of roof deck attachment?
• Roof to Wall Attachment: What is the weakest roof wall connection?
• Roof Geometry: What is the shape of the roof?
• Opening Protection: What is the weakest form of wind borne debris protection installed on the structure?