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Seawall and Dock Inspection

Tri-County Building

Inspection SERVICES

The purpose of this inspection is to describe the methods of marine construction and the materials used, To include type of seawall, bulkhead or panel material, visible reinforcements, pilings, docks, decks, type of boat lift and drive, and the availability of electrical and water supply. Report will note evidence of structural deterioration, failure or inadequacy in seawall and dock components settlement or soil loss behind seawall, fastener failures of dock and deck components, mechanical failure of boatlift and davits.

• Seawall Type: Concrete Face and Cap, Rip Rap, Masonry, Laid Stones and Rock, Wood Face and Cap, Sheet Piled, Natural Repose Soil.

• Dock Structure: Wood Docks, Concrete Docks, Floating Docks, Pilings, Collars, Stringers, Joist, Decking.

• Boat Lift and Davits: Roller and cables condition, Mechanical drives failures, Component fatigue.

• Utilities: Visible components of water and electrical service if present.